Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel
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Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel

Hollywood, Florida

The unprecedented 450-ft-tall, electric guitar shaped hotel is the creative vision of renowned architect Steve Peck of the Las Vegas-based Klai Juba Wald Architecture. Ten years in the making from design to completion, the $1.5 billion expansion of the existing entertainment complex is an immediate architectural masterpiece and destination revival for travelers. Setting the building apart from the night sky is a custom LED media façade that spans the entire 34-story structure and follows the curvature of the electric guitar shape. Outfitted with 30,000 linear feet of programmable LEDs (V-Sticks) provided by SACO, the dynamic 10,000 pixel wide canvas presents light shows with content developed by Montreal-based Float4 using RealMotion servers and programming that allow for generative and sound-responsive animations. The guitar is visually extended into the sky with rooftop light cannons that mimic the neck of the guitar and project 20,000 feet, becoming the new beacon of South Florida.

The digital media façade was managed, directed, engineered and installed by DCL its success is a tribute to collaboration and visionary excellence.


Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Suffolk Construction
Yates Construction
Giovanetti Schulman Associates
Access Specialty Group
Klai Juba Wald

What We Provided
  • Project Management
  • Material Specification
  • Tech Consultation
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Field Services
  • Installation
What We Did
  • Digital Media Facade
  • Rooftop Light Cannons

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